About NeshMeHanan

Hi, and welcome to Nesh Me Hanan. We are a larger, casual, respected kin based on the Landroval server that has been around for 0ver two years now. In the past time we have seen many members come and go, claimed characters that are and have been famous in the Landroval community, and raised up new players to become full-fledged warriors, be they on the fields of Bree or the Tower of Orthanc. We like to emphasize” casual” in our kinship because that is exactly what we try to establish in our community. We do not entertain any age limits, but do not tolerate inappropriate and immature behavior, as such most of our members are adults who are looking for a laid-back, friendly atmosphere where kin-mates don’t mind helping one another out. For being a large kin, we only have one rule in place: Respect Others. We ask that everyone keep in mind what this entails as it requires a certain type of conduct to maintain. As a result we have a reputation of being friendly and helpful. We feel that a majority of the players out there already know and abide by this, but putting it out there only enforces it.

One of the more attractive components of our kin is that we are active nearly 24/7, meaning that players from all over the world are a part of Nesh Me Hanan’s culture, including Ukraine, Australia, Poland, Canada and New Zealand. This luxury allows us to accommodate almost any schedule you might have. We also have good officers who listen to members and talk regularly with the leader and successor.  Although almost anyone can join Nesh Me Hanan, we are very serious about what types of officers we have. Members can only apply for a position when positions are open and must be interviewed and discussed by the other officers as well as submitting responses to questions. This ensures that our officers are qualified to be in leadership positions and that they are a good fit with our system. Officers also choose an expertise area in which they specialize in. This way, everyone knows their roles and members know better who to contact regarding specific issues.  We are also a kin that is all about growth and opportunity. If you have ideas or suggestions that you think could benefit the kin, you have many ways of getting your voice heard. You can send an email to neshmehanan@yahoo.com or mail Neshmehanan (Guildlaunch account) or any officer on the site or in the game. The same can be said for questions, comments and officer applications. Good luck and safe travels.

~ Illonna, Kin Leader



What Nesh Me Hanan has to offer:

  • 100+ characters that have played in the last two weeks. 
    • We have players of all levels and classes playing so no matter where you are in your journey you'll have companions!
  • Large, friendly group of players nearly 24/7
    • We pride ourselves on having a selfless attitude. You can help yourself when you help others!
    • Nesh Me Hanan has a sizeable number players on around the clock, so everyone from all over world can play with kinmates!
  • Experienced, qualified officers who do everything from leading raids to editing the website.
    • Our officers are constantly helping others out, offering free crafted items or advice over chat. Don't hesitate to ask :)
    • All of our officers have an immense amount of MMO experience, giving us a great set of leaders who are familiar with how things are.
  • Supreme Master Craftsman in every vocation
    • Not everyone has been playing for a while but we have players who will make the best equipment for our kinsmen, and gladly.
    • Nesh Me Hanan now has it's very own Crafting Guild. The group helps kinsmen aquire the goods they need to move up in the ranks through their crafting tiers.
    • Lists of kinsmen and their crafting professions and levels means finding the right person is easier than ever!
  • 2 Kin Houses! (2 Frothing Road Ottigren, Thorin Halls Homesteadsand 5 Waterbank Road, Rovalhant, Falathorn Homesteads)
    • Bought and decorated by our kinsmen, we are proud to own and decorate what we consider some of the best formatted houses we could find!
    • If you are interested in joining our neighborhood, in Ottigren, or Rovalhant please come check it out as there are a few houses for sale. We also are planning a third neighborhood in the Shire so feel free to be a part of the excitement!
  • A laid-back, comfortable environment. At Nesh Me Hanan, our number one priority is to maintain a friendly, family-like environment. Respect is mandatory and the use of without a doubt will make your stay not only with us but in Lotro a fun and enjoyable one.

As a casual kin, we don't try to encourage one type of play over the other, but we do enforce a simple rule: Respect Others. If this rule is followed, it takes care of 99% of all problems kins encounter.

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