We have developed this particular forum for recruits and potential kinsmen to ask questions and get a better feel about our kin. If you do not understand something or wish comment on an experience you had with one or more of our kinsmen, please feel free to post away and questions. We are here to help so don’t be bashful. We have provided a general Q/A so you can get to know what we are about. 

Q&A about Nesh Me Hanan:

Q: You guys are a casual kin, right?

A: That’s absolutely right. Although the exact terms of “casual” for many kins, we take the meaning to imply that our kin should appeal to the average gamer both in what we offer and what it takes to join. This means that we do not and will not force you to be active in-game, sign up on this website, comply with regulations, etc. We do however have one requirement for kinsmen despite our title: We require respect both for kinsmen and regular folks. We have a posting in this forum for those who want further clarification on this. Other than respect, we don’t require anything else from you.

Q: How active is you kin regarding members being online?

A: We are considered one of the more active kins on the Landroval server. Though we cannot give 100% accurate facts, we have roughly an average of 8-30 people online nearly 24/7. We have well over 300 characters enrolled in our kin but also boast a website membership count that exceeds 200 people.

Q: How about in regards to activity?

A: Nesh Me Hanan schedules events on our calendar as well as forming on the spot groups for raids and instances. Ratio wise, we do a lot more in-game and spontaneously (which comes with the territory in a casual kin) but we also strive to keep events on the calendar so that players can plan and organize. Members can also schedule a raid to be put on the calendar by speaking with an officer in-game or sending a letter online with the needed details.

Q: What does your name mean?

A: Our name is completely made up. The founders wanted something that would be unique yet have a nice ring to it. As our kin grew, we were asked this question many, many times and eventually decided to hold a meeting to address it. After a kin-wide vote was tallied, Nesh Me Hanan now means the Seekers of Light.

Q: Do you guys roleplay at all?

A: We are not opposed to roleplaying at all. We are currently exploring different alliance offers with roleplaying kins that would give our members access to high quality roleplaying. With that being said, its worth knowing that no one roleplays in kin chat and most players do not roleplaying very often.

Q: With this being a casual kin, how is the leadership in regards to the kin style?

A: We are actually quite the opposite. Nesh Me Hanan offers a lot of amenities and social services that require a team of smart, skilled and dedicated officers. Any kinsmen, regardless of position may apply but must also include a detailed analysis of why they want to be an officer and what they can contribute. They will also undergo 2-3 more interviews and ultimately win a majority vote by current officers to join the ranks. Officers must also select one of our projects on the kin to specialize in. We are only interested in bringing in good players who like what we have going and want to help us grow so we don’t discriminate against the time in kin, we merely look for good leaders who are interested in making a good kin better.

Q: Can I bring in my alts?

A: You sure can my friend. Many of our kinsmen are on their second or third toon and others level all their players together. We don’t even mind if you have another character in another kin.

Q: What are some of the benefits of joining Nesh Me Hanan?

A: Nesh Me Hanan strives to be the best kin on the Landroval server and the leadership here agrees that in order to do that, we must be able to offer a lot of meaningful benefits to members. Our vision is to have a kin that is able to help raise new players and toons into good players both in the community and in combat. Our website has guides written by kinsmen that are meant to help players. We are constantly adding content and to the site and work hard to maintain a friendly environment in-game so that camaraderie can be built. Our officers are more than willing to answer questions.

Q: I keep hearing about the community. Is it really as good as you say it is?

A: Yes and you know why, because of our kinsmen. When everyone is polite, respectful and friendly, it generates a good environment in which we can be comfortable hanging out. We also like to be honest and up-front as well. In pretty much everything you do in life, you get what you put into it. We advocate a selfless attitude when grouping because it is contagious. When a new player comes in and sees that players are more than willing to help on a quest or craft a new sword, it compels them to keep up. Someone who does not get with the program will stick out like a sore thumb and lets be honest, if you are looking for a kin that has these traits, you will need to bring them with you. We also have many soloers who are just fine playing on their own so no matter you’re playing preference you’ll fit in just fine.

Q: Anything else?

A: We are also invested in the Lotro economy as well. We have sub guilds in our kin, the crafting guild and merchant guild. The crafting guild is a system we use to help our kinsmen achieve two things: Becoming well equipped and leveling crafting tiers. The Merchant Guild is used to directly invest in the Lotro economy. It started and manages the Legendary Item Shop and has seen steady growth in profits and net worth. We also host lotteries in which players can sign up for free to win prizes such as 2nd Age Weapons and 1 gold.