This page shows each Officer, their alts and ranks 
Members will now know the alts and who to contact in-game.

Illonna: Leader
Alts: Anethros, Aphollant, Cellastiel, Celmara, Daedhenil, Eldredlara, Hanaglyn, Helvalnil, Idairol, Langmar, Lufsele, Ordolian, Rodiellin, Tondrovien

Celanne: Officer/Successor
Alts: Athelier, Rahnier, Hennia

Dramborn: Officer
Alts: Aradhan, Curandil, Blaic

Ezzme: Officer
Alts: Adalinda, Bejou, Belalorn, Bozarac, Cadossa

Kalatia: Officer
Squiggs, Laiquel, Mocean, Ruckiss, Kalaylay, Venizen

Runekar: Officer
Alts: Tenordir, Verisi, Antomy, Althalon, Coldig, Forthright, Fortesco

Amarahlee: Officer
Alts: Clavinova

Venezia: Officer
Alts: Venezya