The following are names of recurring activities that Nesh Me Hanan does in groups (besides skirmishes, instances, and raids). These events are typically led by officers and focused around developing camaraderie while playing the game. More information may be provided using links to our Forums or Wiki under each activity.

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Kin Meetings

Kin Meetings typically take place once a month on Saturdays at the kin house, and are led by the Kin Leader.

Nesh Kin Meeting

These can be formal affairs where the kin officers discuss policy and changes, or they can be light-hearted and fun. In either case, all members are welcome to attend and offer their perspectives. Many times the meetings end with our kin doing spontaneous activities, like drinking from the Ale Association Keg or running a familiar skirmish raid like Trouble in Tuckborough or The Siege of Gondamon

Read through a list of past Kin Meeting notes in our Wiki.

Trait Night

Trait Night!Traits are an important aspect to a character's development, but many times, the act of grinding through the deeds necessary to earn the next level of a trait can be boring and lonely. Enter Trait Night! Once every two weeks, our kin groups together to share the load and dramatically increase the rate of slayer deeds; it's like an in-game accelerator that does not cost Turbine Points. These runs are normally good for earning reputation as well as gold and crafting materials. 

Keep an eye out for the next Trait Night on the Nesh Me Hanan Calendar.


If you want to learn more about the basics of fellowship dynamics and your character's role in a group, then look no further. LOLattack! (pronounced "Lawl-attack") combines instruction, preparation, and collaboration in a low-stress, supportive environment. Typically the group focuses less on WHAT content they are doing, and more on HOW they are doing it. Most of the time, lower level instances or public areas are used to explore concepts like threat management, coordinated damage, and proper crowd control.

Read more about LOLattack! basics in the kin Wiki.

Conjunction Junction

Conjunction WheelFellowships often get to see a wheel like this when they are in an instance or a skirmish, but without practice, its benefits are often lost. Many players use strategies that result in little or no benefit from using Fellowship Maneuvers, and often times do not know their role in successful completion of these critical game skills. Knowing how to create a Conjunction successfully can turn a losing situation into a group win.

Conjunction Junction is a coordinated activity where anyone can participate. Normally led by a burglar or two, these sessions routinely occur once a week and take between one and two hours. Read up on different Fellowship Maneuvers and how to apply them in the Nesh Me Hanan Wiki.