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re: The Moors from a Noob Point of View

I'm overwhelmed by the 3 responses to the poll ;) But I know there's more interest than that. I know that Morz had a posting out about the Moors, but I'm not going to read/recite any of it at this time. Just know it's here somewhere!

I have been fortunate to have a number of people trust me to lead out there, although I heavily rely on the knowledge of more experienced players when it comes to the "Delving".

If you are brand new, the moors can be extremely overwhelming. I'm trying to put it simple below:

1) you need comms, or commendations. These allow you to barter for pieces to increase your audacity

2) Audacity increases your survival.

3) Comms come from kills and turning in quests. There are quests in the forts as well, ones you can get or turn in on the flip to your side. They are also up the "fire escape", pathway to the place known as "Ost", where there's two below, and two up the stairs in a room. One is really annoying >.>

4) The Delving is awful if you're alone. You can go into the delving from the outposts, or OPs, and also from Ost.

5) AEOP and IOP are in the north, northeast. HOP and ROP are southwest. TR is on the right, LC (lumber camp) is on the bottom, LUGS is top left of the map, and Isen is way up top. STAB i believe is South TA Beach (TA is dead center of the map) Just under TA is also known as "Buffalo Beach" or BB. There's also crossroads, DG etc, but I won't go into that Happy DG runs will wait for people to be together.

When people ask you to meet them at these places, it sucks if you have no idea what all these abbreviations mean!

6) The Delving has bosses that give buffs. It's a never ending tug of war. So are the outposts. Some like to play 2 and 2, Others don't play so nice.

7) If you see a 1v1 don't interfere! It is often that "Fight Club" gathers on BB to practice, have fun, stroke egos!

8) Just starting out you may have trouble getting 100 feet from the door. You have your gankers out there.
Wargs are the worst, and you will hear names like Nymerica, Dirtluk, and Scoobyroo....who live around GV(where you stable into) just to torture anyone trying to get out.

9) Important Moors names to join with are Upsildor (who can get cranky, but he takes you there), Milnor and Herooflandroval (cappies that lead very successful raids...same person. Radlee has been helping me out. There's also Caviezel, Thongladh(sp), Cellshoam. Cell is a little nuts, but he's fun.

10) You will die. If you have low audacity, you will die. Don't give up! You only get better. The more comms you get, the more protection you'll have in pieces. I've had days where I've had 300 comms, I've had days where i've had 13,000 comms. Just be quick! Leaders know how important it is to keep our numbers up!

11) Which leads me to open raids. Milnor/Herooflandroval raids fill quickly, because they are known to produce comms! Try to stay on top of that, because the bigger the better!

12) Chilicheese is a name you will hear a lot. He leads a lot of raids on creep side, and is the equivalent of Milnor on this side. If you hear someone announce that they see him, or that he's online, there's a good chance you'll find good fights.

13) Relics are basically escorts. You have to get from the very left side of the map (dg) to the right (ost), and depending on resistance, it can be easy or impossible. The person carrying the relic cannot be rooted, but also can't mount!

14) Stay on assist target, or "tar-jet" as Mil/Hero usually says he says it A LOT, but it's important. Most don't like you to wander either.

15) The moors can be very fast paced, and some leaders have zero tolerance for lingering. There may not always be time for turning in quests, selling the mountain of items that will fill your overflow, or even bio breaks!

16) this was supposed to be short and sweet, but hopefully you read it anyway :D Try to have 20 dedicated spots in inventory for items you'll want to keep for turn-ins. They accumulate fast, so if they start to form multiple stacks, sell them off! I've made at least a hundred gold since I started. Also, if you want to be able to get/complete quests on the fly, try to have about 16, 18 of those open as well.

Morlean is a spider that can be very annoying also. If spiders burrow, leave them, the raid will most likely move on.

It's a different world out there, but we'd love to have you!
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re: The Moors from a Noob Point of View

Sorry it took so long for me to reply to this excellent post. You have provided a great deal of insight into the current situation in the Moors and how to better navigate and survive out there.

Well it was unfortunate that Morz's post here originally did not stir up additional interest. The kerfuffle that resulted from his posts sort of quieted the whole topic and did eventually lead to his departure. I blame myself for letting that get to the point it did.

I was out there quite a bit at that time and got myself up to Rank 5 pretty quickly. I have been back on occasion and did participate in some large Raid groups but most of the time I would go out there recently, groups were full and it is sort of suicideish for a noobish Hunter to be out there alone.

I am glad that you have sort of inherited the mantle of leadership out there and hope to join you more in upcoming times. If we can get the PC of a certain sister of yours to not crash we could get her to go as well.

Anyway, thanks again for the informative post. Now if we could get you to define the location acronyms as you use them the first time...

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