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PostPosted: 2012/09/28 12:11    Post subject:

Andlhes joined us on 9/28 after a successful adventure with Gilex Happy
PostPosted: 2012/09/22 4:06    Post subject:

Mixey joined our kin on 9/22!
PostPosted: 2012/09/21 23:36    Post subject:

9/16 Navira, who has two other alts including Narvosis who has raided with us before! Welcome!
9/19 Quality, alt of Question who has been away for awhile. Welcome back!
PostPosted: 2012/09/21 9:46    Post subject:

On 9/21 I invited Sebtions. They were looking for kinship on this server. Their main is lvl 53 on Crickhollow.
PostPosted: 2012/08/26 11:49    Post subject:

Today (8/26/12) I would like to introduce and welcome:
Arriene - Champ 15
Amderion - Guard 16

(two different people actually, not alts)
PostPosted: 2012/08/24 16:16    Post subject:

I don't believe I added anyone that wasn't already in the kin. Dralongo is Clarena's alt. I brought in an alt for Hedlab...I'll have to think about the rest. Welcome all the same :D
PostPosted: 2012/08/23 20:59    Post subject:

Darkscorpio 63 Rune-keeper Bree 8/23 (recruited by Essmee)BOOTED
Depredator 75 Captain Galtrev 8/23 (alt of Darkscorpio)BOOTED
Tudal 75 Csptain Thror's Coomb 8/23
Featalle 75 Burglar Wailing Hills 8/26 (alt of Arriene)
Drewulf 75 Captain Wailing Hills 8/26 (alt of Amderion)
PostPosted: 2012/08/18 7:46    Post subject:

OK, then I start. From what I remember:

Smoso, few days ago, in the Shire.
Roltho, today (08/18), again in the Shire.
PostPosted: 2012/08/18 6:53    Post subject: Getting to know each other - New Recruits and Old Hands

This is reserved for listing new Recruits to Nesh and for a bit of get to know interaction. Officers. please come here when you recruit a new member and post the members name, date and place of recruitment. I can send out welcome letters.

Each Officer that is recruiting should have a Listing Post that can be edited by them when new people are added.

If the Recruits so want, they can post in this thread as well to tell us something about themselves so we can all get to know them. I also encourage existing members and Officers to do likewise. This is a casual Kinship and we should get to know each other better.