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PostPosted: 2012/05/07 12:53    Post subject:

Bonhamwulf wrote:
In the summer most of the time I'm listening to a Reds game on the radio while I'm playing. If the Reds aren't playing then I rarely listening to anything but the LOTRO audio.

OMG Another reds fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most of the time I am just playing LOTRO, or I will listen to music.
PostPosted: 2012/05/07 9:33    Post subject:

TV or music almost always, sometimes talking with wife and kids, when crafting i make cigarettes (with a little machine) or prepare something to eat...
PostPosted: 2012/02/18 14:51    Post subject:

I usually game at a computer next to and with my boyfriend (betcha can't guess which characters he plays as in Nesh :P) So I'll have a headset on with ingame sound, but turned low enough to talk with him. Sometimes I'll get in Vent, or if I'm in a creepy area turn on some music from the many albums on my hard drive.
PostPosted: 2012/02/17 18:52    Post subject:

I usually just play the game in the evening in compleet silence hehe
Once in a while a play an online radiostation in the background.
During my mornings a play with my best friend Formi and we talk on Skype while gaming Happy
PostPosted: 2011/08/21 8:59    Post subject:

I generally stream tunes in the background


are two of my favorites
PostPosted: 2011/08/19 17:24    Post subject:

Usually have Pandora running. However the quieter whoever I'm talking to in Vent is, the lower the volume goes; so sometimes it may as well be muted.
PostPosted: 2011/08/14 10:36    Post subject:

very nice! I almost always have the tv on, whether it be nexflix or cable, I like to have background noise on.
PostPosted: 2011/08/14 9:04    Post subject:

It really depends on the day of the week. Sometimes I don't do anything other than play the game. If it's a night of the week that has a TV show that I watch normally, I'll watch it while I play.
PostPosted: 2011/08/03 22:24    Post subject:

Most nights I have SyFy or Comedycenteral on.
PostPosted: 2011/08/02 21:51    Post subject:

I almost always have the tv on, watching Netflix or a sports event. I usually keep the game volume low except for player voice.
PostPosted: 2011/08/01 13:12    Post subject:

Chat in vent and/or listen to music. Always have game sounds and music playing, albeit quietly so I can hear in game voice.
PostPosted: 2011/08/01 9:10    Post subject:

In the summer most of the time I'm listening to a Reds game on the radio while I'm playing. If the Reds aren't playing then I rarely listening to anything but the LOTRO audio.
PostPosted: 2011/07/31 19:12    Post subject:

Well that varries from day to day.

sometimes I watch a movie, other times it anime..
on Monday nights I have earphones on so I don't hear my wife watching the Batchleorette.

typically.. my other screen just has a web page up with details of my current quest im working on.
PostPosted: 2011/07/31 9:05    Post subject: What do you do?

Just out of curiousity, What do you guys do when you play lotro? watch tv, listen to music? Were all ears